Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Generations 3 and 4

Generation 3.

John LAIDLAW (3) was born 06 Dec 1855 in Muirkirk, Ayr, Scotland and died
27 Jul 1941 at 15 Gateside St,Hamilton.Scotland.
John married Janet SMITH 01 Aug 1879 in Douglas,Lanarkshire. Janet was born 27 May 1853 in Douglas, Lanark,Scotland and died 16 Oct 1926 in Royal Infirmary, Glasgow. Daughter of Thomas SMITH and Janet SLOAN.
Other events in the life of John LAIDLAW (3)
Occupation:  1879 in Engine keeper+Auctioneers salesman.

Children of John LAIDLAW and Janet SMITH:
  i.  Agnes LAIDLAW was born 1877 in Douglas, Scotland
  ii. James LAIDLAW born 12 Dec 1879 in 5 Holm Ave, Smallburn, Muirkirk,
           Scotland and died 25 Dec 1961 in Rockdale, NSW (time 09.10am)

Generation 4

James LAIDLAW (1) was born 12 Dec 1879 in 5 Holm Ave, Smallburn, Muirkirk, Scotland
and died 25 Dec 1961 in Rockdale, NSW (time 09.10am).   John married Agnes Summers LINDSAY 04 Sep 1900 in Bellevue Clydesdale St,Hamilton.  Agnes was born 18 Jun 1880 at 10 Chapel St. Hamilton, Lanark, Scotland and died 29 Jul 1968 in 12 Rawson St, Rockdale (Sydney)NSW, daughter of John LINDSAY and Elizabeth SUMMERS.

Children of James LAIDLAW and Agnes Summers LINDSAY:
  i    James LAIDLAW (2) was born 09 Sep 1905 in Smellies Land, High Blantyre,
        Scotland and died 10 Feb 1906 in Smellies Land, High Blantyre. Infant death.
  ii.   Elizabeth Summers LINDSAY was born 18 Feb 1901 in Mann`s Land, Blantyre,
        Scotland and died 05 Jul 1979 in Maryong NSW.
  iii.  John Gardner LAIDLAW was born 1902 in Smellies Land, Lanark, Scotland and
         died 09 Aug 1969 in Sydney, Australia
  iv. Janet (Jess) Smith LAIDLAW was born 03 Dec 1912 in Sydney Australia and
        died 24 Aug 1987 n Sydney, Australia

Generations 5 and 6 will follow on Blog 3.